Greenland Cowboy rides again.


Having paddled a little bit of the Spanish med a couple of years ago (1000km+). My life seemed a little empty, having many setbacks and disappointments on and after the trip and I wanted to try and bring a little excitement back to my life.

what, what, what….. is a grown child supposed to do?

last June I intended to try and paddle from Weston super mud to Weymouth but……..aghhhhhh I cut myself right when I was gearing up for it. Just a little cut, but in totally the wrong place. my middle finger, so no one finger salutes from me (don’t use a knife to cut cable ties kids) this became infected X3 and was the source of much pain and frustration. In the end I had an operation…….. Boom goes my plan. noooooooooooooooooo and oooops. that was it no W2W from me.

I managed to paddle a little last year with a good man Stephen Fuller on his Falmouth to Portsmouth charity paddle and a couple of sea symposiums, Anglesey and sea kayaking Cornwall but not as much as I wanted so had intended to due to the injury.

So in a fit of complete madness I contemplated winging my way anti clockwise around the UK. If you know about the UK weather this is slightly silly. Summer winds would hamper paddling round. But I am a bit of a fan of paddling into the wind. bit weird ehh?

All this was going according to plan I was going to start around May time so I would be away for my big four oh. Yay party for one.

Joe Leach a legend in the kayaking world had mentioned to me about taking a trip to Lundy island with Katie Ellis (captain Katie). Yes please was my reply. Lundy is a beautiful place and if you get the chance to go do it.

So the day came and wow what a great day for it. Porpoise, Dolphins, Seals and an array of birds. Katie and I chatted about a UK paddle, Katie was intending to go around clockwise. Much a conversation was had about it and we gelled.

I ended up agreeing to go with captain Katie. Its not much fun going solo.







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