Time enough?

Wow. A month to go.

It seems like only yesterday I was living in a daydream full of a gently ticking clock meandering my mind through gently weaving stream with birds rabbits and blue skies. Now its like a super speed rave tune full of supersonic jet rides and the second a don’t even register. A blur.

It’s been a cross between phone calls, boat purchases, driving around with a purpose, press ups, chin ups and situps with burpies at break times at work. Driving to portland harbour for a paddle in the dark. Many deep thoughts about food, what im going to eat (being a vegitarian) I’m aware eating grass isn’t an option. Drinking olive oil is going to be a choice porridge dried fruit and some amazing freeze dried foods supplied by http://www.extremeadventurefood.co.uk/ these products are tried and tested and a great calorie content. Cheers guys.

So it’s a little full on. Captain katie is amazing with loads of charts and map work. Great stuff cheers captain.

what do I take? Being a bit of a kit boff I have most of what’s needed and will be trying on a dry suit for a hopefull lend from Mark tozer Ihttp://www.greenlandorbust.org/ when i take the boat (banababee) up to rockpool for a bit of a refirb. mike from http://www.rockpoolkayaks.com/index.php is going to fit my boat in. Cheers.ĺ


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