Back once again.

Whoa what a weekend. Thursday a mad dash up to Anglesey to get bananabee to rockpool kayaks.
  for a spot of revamping. All I can say is what a great guy mike is. Thanks Mike.  Oh and what a beautiful bunch of boats.

The only time I will ever get excited by the curves of an inanimate object. I felt like I wanted to rub myself up against the shiny curves like some deluded cat. But I managed to stop myself from creating a scene (that’s a new concept for me). Yay for self control.

Next was a meeting with Mark Tozer. Mark and his wife Helen Wilson  , what a pleasant time was had, talking sharing tips and experiences. Plus the man lent me some kokotat kit, wow wow wow. I really love the dry suit and the cut feels so good they know how to make a good one. I’m beside myself about it. Your kindness was amazing. Thanks Mark don’t drink it all at once.

Then out for a bit of a run around some of Anglesey the coast there is lovely and rugged. The tide was low so I could see what creates the standing waves and had a few chuckles to myself about last year’s Anglesey sea symposium. A pop up in a race on my birthday and 5 star training. Good times. 

Then off for a bit of a viewing of the shop summit to sea great shop and was nice to check out gear and have a bit of a chat with Pete Baars I love the smell of a kayak shop and this shop is a sensory overload. Am I weird?  thanks for the time and sale of kit. Get well soon.

So that was it for the weekend.

Rockpool had finished work on the boat and I was off homeward bound. The wind was terrible and I thought the boat would snap off the van roof rack. That would be a case of boo hoo and then a heavy dose of man the f up. So off the 55 and onto the 5 and a less windy route home.

Big thanks to all I met on the weekend. Guys like those make a massive difference in preparing.
Again thanks.


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