Not far

Well its been a while since my last blog. Much has happened, loads of training and many pizza and cheesecake have been eaten. Good all round fattening foods.
I’ve been asleep by 9 most nights as I’m proper tired. So I apologise if I don’t mention everyone.

Well thanks again to the various people and companies I have spoken to. It’s all been a great help with some interesting turn outs.
I’ve been working to make the money I can. Helping anyone I can so the random acts of kindness can spread.

So my food products have turned up. Amazing box of goodies, thanks to Be Well Expedition Foods. Great stuff.
I went to TriUK and asked about some help. They were great with some energy products and would recommend them for anything triathlon related.

A couple of things have been going through my mind. Yeah it does work.
I was asked a while back “why am I doing this” honestly I hadn’t really thought why. I had always wanted to explore the coast. As a child I was walked around loads of the coast but the bit that fascinated me was the shoreline and cliffs. Most of the footpaths were on the cliffs and I could never see the coast. So sea kayaking was the next step. I’ve always been a bit adventurous walking Dartmoor and  Brecon. 
So combine the desire for adventure and sea kayaking, natural progression is expeditions and what better than the whole uk. I paddled over 1000km of the Spanish coast and although it was filled with great paddles it was over shaded with let downs and misunderstanding. Good learning curve.


Well last weekend my neibour held a small gathering in honour of what I am just about to do. It was great to be able to talk to the villagers and explain what I’m upto and what’s needed. I liked explaining everything to everyone. They may even put up a map and place pins where I am. Hopefully we will make it.
Then on Sunday I paddled out from Portland Harbour to Durdle Door. Beautiful part of the coast and the next time I see it hopefully I will be fed rhubarb crumble and pizza from my friends. So 3 months till I’m back there.

If i have missed anyone sorry it’s been so hectic.


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