Last day of work.

Yay last day over. I tried to get excited by the fact I will be back to face the hedges of blackthorn, bramble and wild rose but found that an impossibility, will the blackthorn ever leave my hands.

Such an unexpected suprise was had too, I managed to get flicked in the eye by a whippy branch. So now my eye is weeping slightly. Maybe tears of joy. Duhhhhh obiously joy, who wants to be stuck in that polava when there is months of kayaking to be done. No more 2 stroke fumes, loud saws, chippers ignorant smokers, explaining how to do everything two or three times. It’s going to be endless fun with a little bit of fear and excitement chucked in.

Also an amazing breakfast was had and shared, one of my best for a while, it was too nice to not have 7 helpings. Waffles with cream, raspberries, strawberries and sliced banana. I don’t think I ate anything like it for a while, amazing and everyone should have one. (I’m not paying for them though). But you can shout katie and I one if you like.

So now I’ve driven down to Cornwall and will be training with captain Katie in the next few days in preparation. But nooooooo check the weather and it looks awful. 5m waves and full on winds. Well


But don’t worry I’m a super famous stunt cabbage.


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