It’s got so real.

Wow. As the countdown continues and the days have now got longer it’s going by faster than ever. Just sitting here writing this my mind is telling me all the other things I have to do. (Shut up brain, give me a moment to collect my thoughts).

Last 5 days have been packed with packing its like a kayak shop explosion strewn about rooms, tables, the garage and the garden. Loads of chatting and a few paddles and rescues. Checking each others kit. Inding what works best. It’s been a great time for me finding a friendship with katie as spending months with someone you know nothing about can be quite a jolt. So it’s been good. Talking about what’s going to happen, how our psych will be, how we will cope with it. All general exped stuff but nice to share with someone who is up for it.

It’s so exciting. The anticipation of the geographic and solar changes. These things mean loads to me. Things I noticed and loved about the Spanish coastal paddle, how our direction changes when we round corners and what the sea edge has to offer the tides. All living the/in a dream. As for now lots are in the dream zone and imagination but that should turn into hard reality soon enough.


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