Dunt ta da.

Well the first day of a uk circumnavigation went according to plan. We departed. The day was started off in a rush. Last minute packing boats on roof and off to swanpool. Was an amazing turn out, my father and neibour and friend had come and many of katies friends turned up too. Wow thanks all of you. Makes it a little more real and a reason to try harder.

We were accompanied for the first part by 3 of the Falmouth canoe club and had a fast paced hour with following sea down to the manacles where we stopes for lunch of Cornwalls finest pasties, and then off again leaving the Falmouth crew to their lunch.
We firstly wanted to go to (plan b) kenneck sands where we were going to depart early the next day and try for lands end taking the lizard for breakfast but the situation changed and we took a chance at taking the lizard. We did it in true grit style. (There was a bit of tide and we had a bit of a slog). Nothing too bad and no braces were used. Yay the lizard was left behind. Onward to original plan A poldhu cove. We were met by Katies friends with crispy cakes and marshmallows. Beautiful sunset and amazing food and company in the form of Abi Coates and her trio of mad dogs.


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