Day two sennen

Whoa what a night. Amazing sunset and food and an unexpected visit from a friend and her 3 dogs, thanks Abbie Coats always good to see you and no Karl Pilkinton jokes, (apparently I say some things like him….?) Then sleep till I woke freezing my arse off.  Abbie had brought us the news of 2 degrees and with the wind the morning came with a serious chill in fact a frost all over everything so there was humour to be found with frozen hands and frost covered tents.


But we peristed and eventually got onto the water with swollen hands and numb fingers. We were off.

What a beautiful start to the day we paddled to Praa sands where we did some brief calculations over cheesy chips and we soon departed. Onwards to Lamorna for a quick chomp on some goodies and a beautiful view. Ok a falling down harbour wall isn’t beautiful but shows the true power of the sea.

The tide was a slight worry of ours but kept going and going, it keeps moving out after slack. So there it went I love the amazing rock formations and the little coves. Past the Menack theater at Porthcurno more amazing rocks and great memories of this part of the coast. By this time both of us were on near empty and flagging slightly but desperate for the compass to turn north so past the RNLI lookout and no sign of North yet but the Longships were there looking like a pepper grinder on a big blue tablecloth. Some nifty paddling through Kettles Bottom, wow and nooooooo I couldn’t reach my camera, one of those “wish I had my camera” moments past with so many action things going on katie and swell breaking over rocks with the Longships in the background and sun breaking through the clouds. Amazing and  north was past. Yay so past Lands End and a short slog to Sennen.


Great news too, a bed and somewhere to socialise and catch up. Thanks Sam Coats the Coats family are amazing thanks to Sams Air B n B
the best place for kayakers to go for the peninsula and friendly kayaking and motorcycling hosts.


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