Ooooo what a burn.  Well, after Sams amazing hospitality and a new inovation on the jam and toast and eggy bread, eggy breaded jam sandiches for breakfast. New twist on breakfast but really tasty.
Thanks Scott for dropping us off and returning with the map we forgot. Also some luck was handed to us in the form of the other map that went missing and had blown off the roof and was returned by a random stranger. How lucky we were on today’s start.
What a lovely bright morning sun sea and light winds.

A short paddle to the Cape and round. Wow, if you have never paddled this part of the southwest it’s amazing, slightly committed but rugged cliffs spotted with disused works from days gone by. seeing those things always makes me wonder just how hard life must of been. So detached from today’s modern society where for them cold was cold, no electric fires hot water on tap and gas or electric lighting. No goretex jackets to keep the rain out. Glad it’s not like that.

Popping round headlands and across bays watching the swell rising like a flicked carpet, making rocks dissappear and crashing in a white mist that catches the light creating clouds that look dust in the sun.

Big question today. Where are all the seals? Have the Inuits been on a mission. Two days paddling and not one of them. Usually they are all along the Cape.

Pendeen head was a little tasty with a bit of a race going. We managed to paddle through it, against it I should add. A bit of a punch past the last bit and into calmer waters where we stopped for lunch and a bit of a stretch. Will I ever tire of peanut butter and oatcakes.
Back on the water and onwards, meeting 4 other kayakers on the way. Richard and Mike I wasn’t aware of who the other 2 were but good to see others on the water, not just sit on toppers. Good to see you all.


Getting to St Ives we had a short stop and Katies friends had spied us and shouted to Katie. Quick map change/fold and off again. The bay opens out and disappears with Godrevy lighthouse stuck on the rock shining, beckoning us towards. We intended to stop at Carbis bay for the night but with a promise off Katie for a pub meal if we got to Portreath how could I refuse.
The paddle across was fairly uneventful until the little race at Godrevy Yay to the bumps. With Portreath in the distance we were both flagging a little feeling the days paddle in our aching muscles. Portreath has some great coast and has good memories from the ISKA course I did with sea kayak Cornwall. Great days. Gul rock kept coming closer and passing Ralphs cupboard we could see the final destination. Almost falling into the harbour and getting off the water was a slight polava as we were sooooo tired.

I had contacted a couple of people, Stephen Fuller and a friend called Pat both sea kayakers although pat has gone into inflatables with engines.

Both turned up almost at the same time accompanied by some sea mist which looked like a scene from a horror film choking out the sunlight leaving us bathed in grey where there was beautiful sunlight. I felt bad not being able to talk with Stephen and his lovely wife Sharon as Pat had arranged a place for us to stay. I hate to keep people waiting and I also am not a fan of not having a chit chat. Sorry.
All in all what a day. Thanks Katie for the meal. My face is burning with the sun from today my arms are burning too. Maybe this burn would of helped on the first night/morning and would of thawed out the frost.


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