Another chilly nigh with a slight frost on some of the ground but no way as cold as the start to day 2. Glad was I the soup thick mist had disappeared and the swell and surf had now turned into nothing. Easy break out of the bay and into the wind and against the tide. Our choice being against the tide so we can use it to our advantage later in the day when we are weary. The landscape changes every day and today was a beautiful day sunny and warm but still windy. The rock formations change from giants hard working hands with deep furrows, to gnarly gnome noses to something from a medieval film set when we reached Tintagel.
Digging deep to round Trevose head wind and tide not being our friend there we decided to follow the land instead of crossing the bay in full. From headland to headland tucking in the shelter the cliff has.
Rounding Stepper Point we were greeted with the familiar tide and wind making the crossing of the River Camel a bit of a slog where we landed at Polzeath a quick chip break nd some food and off again.  The tide being more friendly for our pass of Pentire point and a long old slog across Port Isaac bay. The house on the top ruining the beauty of the rugged coast. Destroying the natural beauty of being on the sea, being with the elements, like losing a sacred feeling. Tintagel head gave me a feeling of being lost in centuries gone by. Just wow the sheer beauty of those cliffs.

The insignificance of time, like an everlasting buzz is left. A couple of photos taken and onwards to Boscastle, I say onwards we passed it by and had to turn round. It’s a hidden gem if you can find it. Upto the youth hostel where the staff are brilliant and accommodating.

Thanks. A vegi stir fry and a pop to the pub, they are having a sing song night. Live acoustic music and songs really bring a comunity spirit to the end of today.


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