Wow what a breakfast was had from Pat. I swear it was nearly as big as Katies head, I’m a vegitarian but was still accommodated with egg toast fried potato and tea. It is so nice to have friends like that. Thanks pat. A quick drive down to the harbour and we reclamed our boats from the lobster pot store and packed them up.
The tide was on its way out, which made the launch a great deal easier as the slipway at Portreath harbour and can be a nightmare for fiberglass boats. A quick thanks and goodbye and a hope to see you in 3 or 4 months and we were off. The weather forcast had said we were in for beam and headwinds and it really wasn’t wrong. Phwoar into the tide and gusting wind made the morning take its toll. I decided i was paddling in a zigzag fashion to avoid beam winds they suck and use the wind and fetch to my advantage, so as we paddled across a bay I saw a single (i dont known if it was in a relationship but it looked single) porpoise. Seeing cetaceans always brings a smile to my face and brings out my inner child, smiling we paddled on against tide and some wind. Rounding a headland at this time of day reminded me of some dusty church or cathedral the beams of light shining down through the windows. But this is outside and I don’t believe in God so there is a feel of stolen beauty, lost in a meaning that has no hold on me. The beauty that it is. Like an architectural extravagance but a natural one.
Around St Agnes head against the tide, digging in and using the swell to propel forward, the taran plays well in these conditions especially full of kit, sitting firm but suprisingly responsive. We stopped at St Agnes for a hot chocolate and a quick eat.
Pushing on again against the wind across Perran bay trying to get to Newquay without getting knackered out too early, there was still a distance to go. Rounding Towan head we were both suprised by a small pod of dolphins. Yay time to feel silly and free, like a child.
We stopped at Newquay and I tried to do some stretches But my wobbly sea state made me fall over. Much to the amusement of some onlookers. So I gathered my ego and we departed. Well what a slog the last part of the day turned into. Searching for somewhere to land along watergate bay that didn’t have surf was a nightmare. It all looked large enough to be fun on a board but not so in a kayak full and feeling slightly tired. Our aim was to try for Treyarnon bay but as soon as we got to Park Head we were swamped by sea mist, this was quite alarming As the visibility had gone down to 20 to 50 metres.

Taking bearings and communication stepped up a notch, pointing out any obstacles and looking for the entrance to Porthcothan. Ahh there it was and much to our dismay and amusement all bundeled into a package called surf. We made it both onto the sand. Phew. The mist was unbelievable, almost pointless in using a head torch. So thick it looked like a gigantic meringue mix. Tents up and food was quickly eaten. My sleeping bag awaits.


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