Hartland Quay

After having a nice night dry warm night in the tent and using the facilities of the yha. Hot showers and a kitchen Yay.  Getting the boats packed in the morning was loads easier as we didn’t have to pack up tents and kitchen accessories. The launch was quick and easy as the slipway isn’t too far from the place we stored the boats.
A short twist and turn leaves Boscastle, it doesn’t look like anything happened there as everything is back to normal. There is an amazing witchcraft museum if you are ever interested.
Leaving the hidden harbour we started off again against the tide The wind has been a bit of a bumder for a day or two and today wasn’t any different.
The landscape has changed again. Now it has the look of wheelbarrow loads of plates dumped and stacked with the look of a half shuffled deck of cards great slabs and vertical plates. The odd rock climber doing their things. I witnessed someone take a big fall, lucky his gear must of held.
Today was going to be a bit of a practice for a long crossing and we stayed in our boats for 7.5 hours. This was quite good fun and much amusement was had. Preparing cheese wraps and eating Mrs Crimbles coconut macaroons.
As we passed Cambeak past Crackington Haven there was some big swell with long intervals making it feel like paddling down hill. I noticed Something in the water I thought I was a Seal but on closer inspection it was two surfers in massive swell but they were having fun by the look of it. Now we turned north towards hartland past Bude and onwards towards the radar station something I had had my eye on since before Boscastle. Paddling past some amazing rock formations looking like some real boat basher/breakers. In the distance the white spec of Hartland  appeared through the mist.

This was a new angle on the Quay as I haven’t paddled to it this way before. The boat breakers getting covered in white like a veil falling back and uncovering a dark suprise. The landing was easy enough just a little rock dodging and then a steep pull of the boats on the wheels. Adapting the throw tow to a new towing method on the wheels.
commandeering a table at the pub we checked the weather and planned our next move while my friend Kai and his lovely wife Natasha arises with a box of goodies.
  We slept in the tent perched on the platform above the quay.


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