A short paddle today. Leaving Hartland Quay with a quick breakfast. In fact today was the fastest we have managed to get up and on the water.


Yay. It can be done. A short faff and we were off.  Hartland point was before us. Lundy had become a desire and something we had talked about for ages. No more. The weather had changed our plan and we were in agreement to go to Woolacombe for a rest day and plunder the hospitality chest of Kai.
The morning was a hard one. The wind made it a struggle, nearly snatching the paddle from my hand. We passed the dome, ominously looking like a phallic jellyfish through the sea mist. There was a distinct smell of excrement in the air not that nice.
The east side of Hartland changes and looks more like Devon. Trees now fill the cliffside with plantations of spruce in the background. A rock appeared with a hole through it looking like the eye of a needle I paddled towards it struggling through the wind. Wanting to get to Clovelly for a break.


After hot chocolate and devonshire pasties followed up by cookies we were back on the water. Now tucked under the cliffs as we broke out towards the north the wind picked up and blew us towards Baggy Point this was a pleasant change, catching waves snd using the Taran to our advantage we passed the bell on a bouy. Sounding like an out of rhythm church.
Baggy point was passed at slack giving us an easy time of the point. A short paddle to furthest side of Woolacombe and a massive effort to cart the boats to the RNLI lifeguard garage and the boats were put away and we were off to a lovely meal and showers.


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