Woolacombe for 2 days

Unfortunately there was way too much wind for a 7 hour committed crossing of the Bristol channel. Lucky for us I have a great friend and lifeguard kai living in Woolacombe. Our boats have been safely stored and we have had a chance to eat like Kings and rest. The wind hasn’t been too kind to us recently and it’s best to be on form for the crossing. Saturday involved my usual stupid wake up at 530, darn internal clock. I took kais bull terrier for a morning walk taking in the sights and going to the highest point to survey the landscape and look where we are heading to. When I returned the youngest of the house had opened all the presents and was throwing balloons about in between playing with play doh. Much amusement was had. Then food and snoozing. Bliss. Some more good food in the form of Devon pasties one was rhubarb and custard, and more sleep. Sunday we have been eating a buffet feast and plotting our crossing separately and then coming together and checking, some food packing and sorting and more food and snoozing. It’s been fun to catch up. Kai and I were at school together. We didn’t see each other for years and met up again, it was just the same as it had ever been.

I think we are both raring to go now and this rest has been good for the both of us. I’ve been having a go at some of the yoga from the dvd Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer produced but I can only remember some of it. I wish I had a copy with me now to have a good stretch out and get connected.

Tomorrow Wales awaits. The amount of times I have looked across the channel and wondered. I will wonder no more.


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