Up and at them bright and breezy. Saying that it was a little difficult to get out of bed this morning especially at 5.30 am and after the luxury of my friends hospitality. As quietly and quickly as possible we made it downstairs and packed up our Things,  flasks and sandwiches were made, malt loaf buttered and off we shuffled to the boat storage. Quickly packed and down to the shore. We were running late. This usually happens when we didn’t do everything last night. Oh well. We are alive.
So there we were looking out in the morning gloom. Lundy and Wales were not to be seen but Morte Point had begun kicking off. What an amazing tide race. If you are ever in North Devon check it out.
The waves were 3 to 4 feet and we made it out through them getting a face full certainly woke me up and got the heart racing. Back to the mission.
Our intention was to paddle to port Eynon. The day before we both worked it out and checked it. It was the same bearing. Yay check us out and our open water planning. So we paddled off on our bearing, and paddled then did some more paddling. Until we were in silence. There was no rush of wave against beach or cliff, strangely silent. The usual stop for food and liquid were stopped short by sea/motion sickness and decided to just press on. Wales we could see Wales,  we had talked about this moment many times. This was going to be where we felt our adventure/expedition /circumnavigation was going to start, the feeling of actually doing it was just a couple of hours away. By this time we had an idea where we were and we were ahead if schedule. We were going 4 knots not 3 as we had planned so changed course to Worms Head. The roar of the waves had returned but not the sound that was wanted. There was some nasty looking tide action. Oooo  Ummm ok let’s go around the outside what a beautiful little island. Big smashing waves on the tip leaving white broken water like a paper doilie. Rounding the head into calmer waters there was a crack all the way through creating a blowhole effect. Throwing spray up.
On we paddled to Rhossili bay looking for somewhere to land, it became quite apparent that there was too much surf for a nice landing. We carried on around Burry Holm looking for a spot to land. The swell was massive, bungalow sized, threatening to push me along, pouring me down into the trough. The temptation is always there to paddle with it.
At last we find Llanmadoc. A lovely easy landing and a bit of a faff getting everything into the dunes but we made it. To Wales.  The place I’ve seen from north Devon so many times and never found anyone wanting to paddle it. At last.
The gps said 56 km. Great day. Beautiful scenery. Wonder what tomorrow will bring.


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