Wow what an amazing sunset at Llanmadoc. Massive haul to get to boats  in the morning after a lie in.


Thank you Stephen Fuller for the loan. We have been using them often. Katie had phoned the ranges and we had the times and a tight schedule ahead. We were off into the distance trying to get to Tenby.

The beautiful town it is. This was not an easy short paddle, it took over 5 hours against wind and tide dodging the waves over The sand bar in the middle of the river mouth the swell was big. We paddled past the last break and got a glimpse of 2 porpoise doing there thing. Onward and onward cross Carmarthen bay looking at the headlands trying to distinguish what was what. We could make out Caldey island and the spire of Tenby. This was actually quite a long paddle and after our nearly 9 hours in the boats the day before was taking its toll. Eventually making out Tenby’s more distinctive features. Landing on the small beach both a little tired we had a quick drink and filled the water bladder.


Off again on towards Caldey sound checking out the tide race. Looking a bit rough we tucked in and paddled on past Giltar point and out towards old castle head. The name was surely fit for it looked like castles and brought memories and daydreams of playing lego for some reason. As we rounded the headland searching for somewhere to land I noticed a collection of rocks looking like guys in a rowing boat. My mind thought about finishing the paddle and would this entitle me to wear a woolen black roll neck jumper? Things you think ehh?
A few more headlands and it was getting late.


We pulled up into Manorbier put up tent checked charts and maps and planned tomorrow. Early start.


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