Caer Bwdy bay.

Leaving Angle wasn’t easy the hospitality of Vanessa was amazing. Random stranger award went to her. Clean clothes somewhere to put the kayaks and a lift to the campsite. Many thanks.


A late start to catch the tide at Skomer the sky was blue a slight wind to push us along. We passed through the river mouth around the headland. The view was great. For afar the smallest island had what looked like a busload of people watching, my thoughts turned to “i hope we have the tide right”. Luckly it was only some gorse growing on the top. I have been to Skomer before and would of loved to stop there to see the Puffins but we had a plan to get to Solva. I did see one Puffin this day. Through the passage and across some choppy tide race there was a Seal or Porpoise in the race and the Skomer shuttle passed ud by bobbing through the tide race. It all looked lovely until the wind picked up then the sea picked up then it happened again.

This was not going to be a picnic. In the end it took about 4.5 hours to do 16km. Into a F 6 headwind the chop was awful. Bucking the boats and coming down with a thud. Taking a pee at sea isn’t easy and this day was so difficult. I felt bad for katie, as we rafted up her deck was swamped and was totaly soaked. Noooo as I relieved myself the same thing happened I was sat in a cup of water. Katie was much worse off. Paddling like we were posesed We landed late into 7pm on a pebbl beach both with wet arses and quickly set up camp on the flattest piece of land we could find warmed up then ate and slept.



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