Fishguard Goodwick

The day went well.
An early start at 5am just to pull the boats up a little further as we were unsure of the tide. A quick departure from the bay. And off to the Ramsey sound. The water was running against us like a wide river but there was minimal swell so it was easy enough to pass on the inside within spitting distance of the rocks there were a few moments to punch through the race and Yay into the eddy with some of the first spots of rain on the trip. The lifeboat launch station was in the distance. With works going on something like a long legged spider with scaffolding. We rounded the headland and stopped on the water for lunch before St Davids Head. This was quite a long race and without being able to stay in close we would of had a bad time trying to get through. The last bit seemed to hold us in place and the familiar “we are not going anywhere” reared it head. Hahaha “dig in, let’s do this” we glided across the last piece making it into a bit of an eddy and kept hopping our way along till we stopped for a hot chocolate.


Now hoping the tide would be our friend crossing to the over to the Strumbles we stopped again for more snacks. Best eat before some hectic work as this always helps. It’s good to know there is something in the tank.
The Strumbles were in motion and we were dragged through. I decided to go on the inside and Katie went out.
The Strumbles were strange. One minute one way the next the other. Katie much to her delight made it first closely followed by a Seal.  There wasn’t much distance now to Fishguard and we made good progress. The sea wall was a bit of a blight but a safe haven. We landed outside the Ocean Lab and then had a massive mission to fins somewhere to store the boats eat and find somewhere to sleep. After running around like a madman in a dry suit (kokatat are the best and thank you Mark Tozer and Helen Wilson for sorting that out) I eventually found the Phoenix centre would alow us to put the boats there. Many thanks.


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