A quick and easy departure this morning, launch at high water so an easy move of the boats and we were off. What a difference this morning was. There was no race or breakers and we made good progress. Out around Dinas Head this was somenof the biggest strait cliffs i had paddled past so far and driffted my mind off to what await us the further north we go. Across Newport Bay such a change from yesterday and the pace was set as we sped along. The sea state had changed to a bit of a turn and there was some excitement around Cemaes Head lots of swell and some choppy stuff. All “fun on the bun” a quick stop for some lunch and toilet break and off again. Past Cardigan Island with Canadian geese chasing off gulls. There was a little tide race between and broke through we were doing well so far until there was a total change in the weather. A headwind appears and ripped up the sea and any plans for an easy afternoon.


I’m sur anyone else who has tried to photograph anything in rough water will understand it never looks as bad in a picture as it was. There was a port quarter wind and chop and the waves were swamping the deck and occasionally splashing into the face and over the head. I enjoy this chalenging sea but we were both relieved to get to Aberporth where Steve Bunston of CBSK had kindly offered us a place for the night. Wow Welsh hospitality hasn’t let us down. The next kindness award for hospitality goes to him. Thanks.


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