What a difference to the weather today. I was up and at them early to meet Eurion and have a quick chat. We had met at a Sea Kayak Cornwall rough water handling course years ago and had shared a bucket load of fresh mussels. We had been on and off in touch since then. Sea kayaking is great for meeting people and sharing a common interest. 9 o’clock came and we went to the Phoenix Centre and pick up the boats. A quick walk with the wheels and we had the boats down to the quay. There were other kayakers there offloading their boats and we attempted to chat they seemed a bit off which was unusual but tide and time waits for no man or woman.
After a launch down the slipway we were off into a bit of a headwind. Paddling into the headwind was a little too much. We landed at Dinas Head and i ran up to the top and looked at the water, there was a little too many white tops. The decision was made and we would formulate a plan. We had landed at a quaint little beach with a pub and a car park. Looks like home for the night. It took about 2.5 hours to do 5km. A bit soul destroying but the next piece of coast is quite demanding and with minimal get out points or a rough water landing with full exped boats isn’t something that was wanted. The decision was made to stay here for the night so the day was taken up meeting other kayakers and talking. Mike http://www.mayberrykayaking.co.uk/ Eurion Brown turned up and we talked and shared some stories. Always a good way to spend time. Eurion came back and we went to the Moby Dicks chip shop. Ok, it said famous and yeah they were famously slow and people were served that ordered behind us bit rude but the chips were nice. Back to the pub for a pint or two and now with a steaming red face I feel it’s time to sleep. The sunset blessed us wit it’s beauty.



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