The day started well. I say well rolling out of a free bed and no need to put the tent away and prepare for the day it’s  hard to leave the warmth. We were ferried down to the beach by our amazing host

where we left our boats and they were still there (phew).

The usual faffing about packing the boat. It has become quicker and there is way more space as i get better at the kripton factor challenge each time. I have enough stuff so extra space means little.
We were off on glassy still water there wasn’t much tide so our progress to New Quay was pretty quick and we pulled into New Quay starving but has a view of some dolphins to stop us thinking of our stomachs. With a quick scout around and purchase of postcards and stamps we found a cafe.
Breakfast was had traditional of course but mine was a vegi then a that wasn’t enough so sticky toffee pudding and custard for afters. That filled the gap. We wrote postcards (our first) and checked out the view. Our next destination was Aberystwyth with the intention of going further to Aberdovey. The going wad good with a slight wind making the change from the morning. The familiar checks were going on and we had set ouselves points to eat. There was a big mast and this was to be our chocolate stopping point. Well, that didn’t happen and it was way too far but it’s good to aim high. The going slowed down as the wind picked up and the food wore off and it became apparent we wouldn’t make it to Aberdovey. This was a shame as a friend Mike had arranged for a place for us and it would of been great to catch up and discuss kayaking matters and maybe even look towards future expeditions. Ok maybe that’s a little far sighted as this one isn’t even half way through yet but it’s good to have a vision. We had contacted Mike via phone on the water and he was going to paddle down to meet us. The weather had defiantly changed and there was a bit of fetchy chop and wind. This was going to be difficult to get to Aberdovey as we were 3 hours away and it was going to be a night paddle with awful conditions and a paddle up a river mouth and a land in the dark. We had a quick snack and paddled into Aberystwyth harbour and pulled up at high tide.

Put up the tent and went to find pizza.


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