Just a short trip today as we missed Magnificent Mike and have boxes of provisions to pick up. Plus the social side.

The morning in Aberystwyth was spent blogging and getting a few commodities from Poundland. I had gotten up early enough and did a bit of touristy stuff. Taking the tent down I had a lucky escape and had managed to miss the dog turd that could of potentially ruined a good night’s sleep. I put on the dry suit and Katie decide to wear a thermal top. Back on the water in blue skies and minimal wind at around mid day leaving the harbour my mind dreams off to wandering times, to live on a boat sail and kayak when I want. I can’t sail yet so that’s on a to do list.
The sun was warm and leaving past the beautifully coloured houses on the sea front the colours bright and make the contrast special.
We paddled past Borth there were people walking on the cliffs tiny. Past Borth the wind decided to give us it’s salute and the chop picked up, making the early finish we intended broken and flailing. Ynyslas was a long beach with the occasional wave making some fun but the wind was making katie cold we stopped and got out the cag and Katie got warm. The tide was out at Aberdovey and we tried  to land through the sand bar. We couldn’t see the markers as they were below the sand. Picking our way through we had to get out and drag the boats through the soft wet sand. It was up to my knees at some point making it like a sludgy sand run. At the thinnest point I dragged the boats over into the main stream and we were off. Pulling into Aberdovey slipway. Getting the wheels out and pulling the boats up the slipway I realised how dehydrated I was and had some water and food.
Steve, Mikes house mate met us and helped us stow the boats at the Outward Bound Trust http://www.outwardbound.org.uk/ building and gave us a lift to the house.
Mike http://adventurewest.tumblr.com/arrived and the partay started. Ok, not really partay but the barbie was lit and music played and some beers drunkarrived. We even had time to pretend to paddle.

Not too many, I never scaled a building to get into an open window. I did my share of eating pasta. I think I ate enough to feed a small horse or fat person. Thanks Mike.


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