Porth Ceiriad

Leaving Mike late in the morning well 12 ish after a lovely helping of toast, tea, juice and a chinwag.

Also the RNLI press were there to take photos. Katie is raising money for them and im just happy to create awareness. We left in good spirit with full bellies and again beautiful skies and mirror sea with a slight tailwind. The first I should add in a while. Mike paddled with us in his NDK Explorer. Brilliant boat. It would be a great choice for an exped boat and is great to play in. A brilliant all rounder.

We raced along chosen waves and having a mini surf, landed, had a snack and left Mike on the shore.

We took a north west bearing with the wind and paddled off towards a big craggy hill in the distance on the lleyn peninsula.

The terrain had changed now, from the stark harsh cliffs and rocks, now there was a long beach spotted with villages on low land with the valleys closing up to mountains peaks and ridges. There are minimal big hills where I’m from and seeing these massive beasts brings a childish smile to my face. The view paddling the 20 ish nm open crossing was amazing. One of the best do far.  There was virtually no waves or wind.  This was unreal. The peaky backdrop just made it. This was quite a long old crossing, there were jellyfish by the minute and we’re lucky to see a puffin, storm petrels (sound amazing when they take off) and a Seal was following us when we passed over St Patrick’s Causeway. The bottom is clearly visible  and big crabs can be found.

The time was knocking on and we still had a fair distance to go. We thought about Abersoch or Aberdaron, instead we landed at Porth Ceiriad just as the sun went down over the cliff.

The tent was raised and Steve the guy who put us up a couple of days ago turned up. We wanted to do Bardsey sound together so we arranged to meet at Aberdaron the next morning.


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