Porth Iago

Another beautiful day today. We got up quickly and departed the lovely beach where we had landed in near dusk. The sky again was clear with the faint hint of sea mist in the far distance.
Off we paddled round the headland into the clear smooth sea. As we rounded a corner I saw a shape on the water surface. I couldn’t really see but my first thought was “that bird looks weird”. That was no bird as it’s tail poked upwards and it turned to face us. “Otter” wow. The heart warming grin appears on my face. I manage to catch site of it two more times before we left it. It hid in a seam crack and I caught a glimpse of it bobbing up and down, like otters do. Well that was a first, Otter in the sea. Brilliant.
As we paddled across Hell’s Mouth there were Porpoise doing their thing. What a morning so far.
As we neared Aberdaron Steve came out to meet us. This meant we were on time and paddling past the two island outside Aberdaron and saw several timid Puffins.
Bardsey Sound was in the near distance. We looked to see what was going on. It was mid flow. It looked so calm. So with gentle bongos, organs and with the occasional bass guitar playing in my mind we paddled in.
We all kind of hit the race at the same time, splitting off on our own paths. I know this isn’t the done thing but….
Steve paddled into a back eddy and slowed to near stop, Katie took a good line and with minimal effort was getting some good speed. I went for the middle near the rock and was bumping along. I got to the rock and actual took a pee. It was pretty calm. The whirl off the back of the rock was so calm and flat in the middle. I took the fastest line I could see and was drawn along at a fine speed. I needed to get to the end first as Katie had beaten me at Strumbles Head and I needed to retain a sence of pride.
We paddled on to the whistling sand beach. There were zumink strange about the tide and a massive back eddy at 1.5kn was slowing us down but there was a whisper earlier about a potential icecream shop. Yum. That certainly had us going for it. We landed and low and behold the sand squeaks more than whistles. Maybe if Daffy Duck was to whistle then maybe it could be a whistle.
Food was eaten and then icecream too. Steve walked to get his van while katie and I wrote postcards and I fell asleep. If I’m not eating or paddling I shut down and sleep. I woke up to a pins and needles leg and spent some award moments trying to walk.
Steve returned and we paled just round the corner to and set up camp


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