Llanddwyn Island

There was a little rain this morning. The sound of the drops like Chinese crackers going off.

It always sounds like the rain is worse than it is. Slowly getting out into the rain is never easy even if it is weak rain. Then half stripping off to get into the dry suit. Brrrr.
The pack up went well, Evan though it was raining. The boats taken down to the sea via the slipway. The wind was on our front quarter making the start of the day a little harsh but we changed direction slightly, this made it better. We paddled on as the visibility cleared we could see the lighthouse and changed our direction to get there. Looking forward we could see the waves breaking over a sandbar making the next span of paddling a little harder.

We needed to be ready to turn into the breaking waves to take the wave on the bow rather than a wipe out. As we neared the island the sky became dark the wind picked up and the next few minutes dictated it would be better to land and get off the water.
We landed in totaly calm water on a little beach. Aghhhh it was cold. My hands didn’t want to work and I tore the wrist seal on the dry suit trying to get it off.

We made warm drinks and ate plenty of sugary badness. We stayed out the rain sheltering in the porch way of some old fishing houses. The decision was made to put up the tent and get warm and eat. The rain kept going so the tent was put up and we cambered into our bags to get warm.

It took ages to warm up but in the end I was warm. By about 4pm the sun had made an appearance and created a beautiful colour to the rocks and sky, the water was so calm by now but it was too late to start back on the water, so we stayed, ate and farted way to much to feel comfortable about our innards.
I went for a walk later that night trying to find a pub for a pint but didn’t find anything. I guess the middle of nowhere was actually found. Getting back to the tent at just after 11, there were 2 boats pulled up in the calm waters, the lights making the boat look like some kind of spaceship floating in the darkness.


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