We left in good spirits. Even though the tide was out and we had to trolley the boats down to the water. Although the tide wasn’t supposed to be with us it threw us along with awesome timing and with a tail wind too we rocketed along. Staying close in as there wasn’t any open crossings to do. Keeping closer to the cliffs than we had been we raced along. A big fat seal clung to a rock like a big sausage with flippers and a face lolling around and sploshed into the water as we rounded a headland. It was too far away to get a photo. The wind was a great help and the running swell made the Storm Petrels perform their acrobatics. It’s amazing.
We rounded a headland under the watchful eye of the coastguard lookout. On to Nefyn for a pub stop. We had been looking for a pub recommended to us but had paddled past it (it didn’t look like one). We went to another pub and had a massive meal of chips and beans with apple pie and custard. It’s great to eat and apreciate eating. We charged some equipment dried off and then paddled on towards Trevor. The largest mountain closest to the sea was there. I keep having déja vu moments. Have I been here before or seen these places on tv? Was I once a seagull? It’s strange.
The wind was zooming us along. Catching waves like a game of chase. Love the boat, the Taran though full of kit, it weighs a ton it sits fully into the waves and with a kick of the rudder it swings back without being sent in the wrong way. Lean forward and slide into the force and push along like a dream.
As we rounded the bay into the harbour quay at Trevor there was a sweet suprise in the form of some dolphin.
Still smiling from the dolphins we landed on the tranquil sand. Having a walk about looking for somewhere to maybe stay. Katie phoned Pete McInally and his friend Simon, we had been promised a free meal at a pub. Wow, some people are generous.

With a little faffing we paddled onwards to a little campsite with a slipway at Aberafon and managed to have a good camp place right next to the slipway and amazing shower. Shower appreciation to the max.
Peter turned up and took us to a pub in Caernarfon The Black Boy Inn,

beautiful and lovely food. Peter dropped us back at the campsite and may paddle with us in Scotland.


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