Anglesey Outdoors

Anglesey Outdoors is a great location to explore the island and is close enough to the town to walk and get foods. The symposium held here is a brilliant venue to meet people from all over the world and paddle and kayak with some great guys/girls.
We had the whole of the downstairs to ourselves. Eating and sleeping the main agendas.

We visited and Katie picked up some new wing paddles and my boat has had a bumper bow and stern.


So I can now land and launch with less worries as I’ve been landing first and sometimes on a rocky beach to help katie out without bumping her boat (it’s very precious to her).
I also visited lendal and picked up a new full carbon crank.

A great price and can’t wait to use them. This means I will no longer be carrying my old faithful Greenland paddle for the past 3 weeks it’s been a toilet stop raft handle. The first 3 days with old faithful was hell with tendinitis and I used my Werner cranks. But while I was here I thought it’s all ok but if u was to lose my Werners in rough water it would be hell to use the Greenland as a get out of the poop paddle. I’ve chosen a shorter paddle so I can use it surf kayaking as it’s sometimes hard to paddle fast with a long paddle.
I will confess I’ve been using the Internet to watch Peep Show. Ok, I’m on Anglesey and it’s the mecca for tide race and play but no transport makes it impossible to get anywhere and it’s better to just eat than risk breaking anything or injuring myself. So I’ve been filling up the spare time with Peep Show. What a show.
It’s been good to be able to eat, sleep and watch TV.

But kayaking is what brought me here and what propels me forward so tomorrow we will be departing and as the weather hasn’t given us the window we wanted the decision has been made to just carry on round the coast and paddle the north west of England.


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