Treaddur Bay


This was a short paddle day but we were both hungry and a little niggled by the time we had landed.
Just a couple of open crossings and a little headwind hampering us and making me work for something to eat. There was a fresh smell of gull poop, seaweed and fresh air. I know this must sound weird but it’s one of my favourite smells. Drifting my mind off. Whilst paddling towards the headland I began thinking about how Anglesey must of been during the beginning of the Roman times when it was a Druid stronghold. Survival and subsistence farming in a world so different from now.
There was a high pitch noise like Bees in a tin, “motorbikes?”. What? where? As we neared it became apparent there was a race track in the distance. Being a bit of a bike fan I could hear the V engines with their grunt over the rest, there was even the burnt fuel smell of high octain. I thought about my bike times and how much more kayaking means to me. I’m less likely to die due to someone else’s mistake. Plus it’s manual power over mechanical and I prefer the manual.
Before crossing to Holy Island we met 2 kayakers on their way south. We paddled on past Cymran bay towards Rhoscolyn and on past some Geologists looking at the rock. The rocks looked quite interesting but I wasn’t going to ask for a mini lecture on it.
As we entered the maze of rocks trying to find the entrance the hunger started I think we were getting niggled by it and food fantasies started to pour out.
We landed and wheeled the boats up the slipway and the kind lady from the RNLI shop let us place the boats outside while we filled our bellies.

After we had eaten low and behold Mike from turned up. Was he psychic? Mike is a great fellow and took us, our boats and Ikea bags to his house where we ate pasta and pesto and had a bit of a social. A nice turn. We were driven down to my sleeping bag had turned out to be a pile of shite non this climate so I was off to get a new one. Plus a wrist gasket for the dry suit.
We were then taken to
image , where there were spare beds in the bunkhouse. This will be full as of next week with the like home for a couple of days.
The weather has been good to us and had now turned it’s cheek for the Isle of Man crossing.

We were going to have to hang around for a day or 2 to get fattened up and hope for good weather.


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