Today was a short paddle but quite an exciting day in terms of water state.
The morning had its usual packing away of things and tidying up as we were due to be leaving Anglesey Outdoors at 11 when John Willacy was due to pick us up and drop us with kit and boats at Treaddur Bay.
There was a little disappointment in the air as a sleeping bag I had ordered hadn’t turned up but there was a call from Pete at http://www.summittosea.co.uk/ the delivery had turned up and my bracing for more cold nights disappeared into the blue sky.
Thanks for chasing up the whereabouts of the bag Pete. You da man. Oh and if you ever need anything do give him a shout. Big thanks.
Well with that another phone call this one to John Willacy, he was going past and would be able to pick up the bag. My morning just couldn’t get better.
John Willacy turned up and we crammed our kit into his car and boats on the roof. Another 3 Taran show.

A quick drive down to Treaddur Bay and boats off repack and launch.
On the road again plays in my mind while we start the paddle. I’m using my new paddle too and there is a notable difference in full carbon. Much more fluid.
John was coming with us to South Stack so we paddled out into a little swell and through Penryn Mawr with no difficulties.

The tide was right Yay.  There was a little rolling sea and something to keep occupied with as we paddled to

South Stack I hadn’t been here for just under a year well 1 day under.
We decided to paddle round as loaded boats and rocks can make a dream crash and burn so quickly. John paddled through and met us on the corner. There was a brief goodbye and some tactics shared and we were off again. The water was still slack as we paddled towards North Stack, but the sea state was a little rougher than the last few days sitting round doing nothing had been. Then whoa the ferry decided to poke it’s bow round the headland and dwarf everything. Glad I’m not near that one.  Then moments later the other one pulls out. I guess there wouldn’t be any more.
As we paddled round North Stack the bay opened up and Holyhead Harbour wall was there like a long arm holding an ice cream. There was snow on the mountain tops and my innards half screamed and shivered but with the thoughts of my new sleeping bag they rested easy. The first bit was slow going and we aimed towards the Skerries. Another pilgrimage site seen. Nearer it got we could see there would be no park bimble. Nothing too bad, just exciting. As we neared the Skerries we stayed closer and towards the middle as to miss the bigger tide race. Passing through the first bit without any problems but still I was feeling a little twitchy with the new paddles. They are slightly shorter and smaller. Better for fast moving and catching waves. But the Taran does its thing and no problems. There was more to come and slightly larger and lumpier. Katie paddled off like a ninja. I wanted to sit around and feel the comfort of the boat in the swampy, lumpy mess the water was in.
Past West Mouse and the power station was in site. Eugh what a sight. I’m nor a massive fan of these blots on the landscape and I swear I could feel the radiation poisoning me as we got closer.  Cemaes was just round the corner.

The call of my new super duper sleeping bag is blaring in my mind. I can’t wait to slip into its warmth.
Landing and off to find Wifi.


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