Just a short paddle due to the windy state. Not that amused about it but I can think of worse places to be stuck. The morning went well. Especially after one of the most amazing sleeps I have had for a while. Thanks again Pete I now feel guilty for wanting to land just to get in the sleeping bag. But seriously after nearly a month of not looking forward to sleeping with most of my clothes on, I can now sleep minimally clothed.
The paddle in the morning was relatively easy leaving the bay. There was a graveyard on the cliff reminding me to give caution and death is always there. Then there was a little bit of headwind. Then more headwind and chop and then there was a bit of a swell and breakers on a headland and as careful kayakers that we are, (ok that’s a little bit of a new concept for me), we landed at a small bay and my new bumper on the boat was used for the first time. Cheers
As we were going to wait here for a wee while we decided to have a walk around and collect some firewood,


Ikea bags have so many uses. The fire was lit, stupid matches and french military firelighters were hard to use. The fire was lit and we spent the next few hours with tears and warmth (the smoke was harsh and we ended up with it in our face) but warm. Boil in the bag meals were consumed and a large cup of hot chocolate.


There was a noise of raptors screeching from the cliff side and some a acrobatics were witnessed. There was also a Raven cawing too. The fire was a great moral boost and before the tide turned we were back on the water. With our clothes smelling of smoke.
  There was swell and chop but it was easier going with the wind, as it had died a little.


Paddling along the Taran was great the nose cutting/sinking into the waves. Creating a Good ride without much belly slap. The rock looking harsh and not so fiberglass friendly.
Past an brickworks that would make a great stop when I come back. I’m a fan of old works, imagining the old days of minimal comforts and a world of tough luck. Then off across Bull Bay towards the water works and east mouse. Tucking in slightly to avoid the turbulence and paddled into the harbour. The tide was low and we hauled the boats up to a small patch of grass where my sleeping bag was calling me. “Lee, Lee you know I’m here, release me from this stuff sack and warm yourself, you know you want me”.


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