Amlwch 2 days

Well after rocking up in Amlwch setting the tent on the green and playing a pub game called the longest pint (see how long the pint can last while charging phones). Laying in the tent for hours is quite boring. We went to the cafe and had breakfast with free refill. I felt a little ashamed as we were there for about 4 hours. We also managed to scrounge a free shower at the leisure centre.


The rain on the first day wasn’t playing by the “rain before 7 clear by 11” rule it rained for about 30 hours and the sea was a wee bit too rough to go to Colwyn Bay so we stayed where we were with a feint hope the weather would change.
I did the tourist thing and visited the museums in the town. Copper bring the main export and there was a definite Cornish influence in the harbour as they were employed in the copper mine. The harbour was built in a traditional vertical stack like the walls and fields in Cornwall. 
This weekend was a bank holiday so the pubs were noisy with drunken antics shrieking through the night, loud karaoke and conversations piercing the tranquillity putting us on edge about the tents and boats.


Sunday started dull and wet the wind pushing the tent about. But the sun came out. While katie was watching a downloaded programme and I read some crappy old media magazine full of the worst stories I could think of about people who have no meaning in my life the trivia people read about. No wonder society looks like it does.


An unexpected suprise came and we were blessed with a visit from Barry Shaw and Richard Peevor. We had seen then drive through the town that morning with boats on and did the kayakers gawp. This turned out to be a game changer.
We chatted a while and it was mentioned by Barry to try for the Isle of Man the next day.  Well, we had dismissed the idea and had intended to go to Colwyn Bay. But now there was a spark and ignition, after a long pint and checking out the tides times and charging equipment. Full steam ahead. With the wheel now in motion it was finally happening.


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