The wind was terrible on this day. Not a paddle was seen well maybe in some of the photos I looked at from the following day had but that was a about it. This day was spent recuperating as much as possible. Eating and sleeping high on the agenda.
A friend Joe Leach (the legend) had arranged for us to stay at his mother’s and their hospitality was so welcome. We had put her and her husband out a little from a few days before as it was told we would be there and didn’t go for the crossing. They had made us vegi good and we didn’t turn up then we did turn up. I also carried on paddling and kept Karen waiting. I was so grateful for the bed and somewhere to stay. I don’t think I conveyed how thankful I was. So we stayed in that day drinking tea and watching the tv. There is a new series of Futurama and I managed to watch a couple of episodes between sleeping. I was going to use a plastic toy as a mascot from one of the people from it but “Bender round Britain” had a certain ring to it that I didn’t want to portray.
Well I am so grateful for that hospitality. I think we both are. Thank you.


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