Leaving Douglas was difficult such a lovely place and sociable people. Big thumbs up for the town. Thank you and goodbye to you all.
The paddle out was in good spirits and the sun was up and there was a good feel to it. We were warned about the tide race off one of the headlands so paddled out and off shore about 1/2 a mile then cut in close to stay in the chicken run.  We had to leave late as Katie managed to get a dental appointment and is now on antibiotics for a wisdom tooth infection. So we pushed on. Snacking on the way. There is a definite feel that the island is a beautiful place and I envy the residence of the island.

As we have traveled up from Cornwall the wildlife has changed, blending from species to species. There has been Eider Ducks here and Black Guillemots but the bird I saw that proved we were up north was actually the Hooded Crow. I’m a corvid fan and seeing one of these beauties was a box ticker on the longitude of the paddle. We are up north. Yay.
As we neared a headland near Ramsey there was several Seal cities. Some on rocks some inquisitive in the water. I was saddened to see one with a neck wound looking like it had its neck stuck in some rope. Poor thing. Around the headland and low and behold Ramsey was there. Well our map reading works.
Paddling towards harbour and the longest pier I have ever seen we met the lifeboat crew out on a little exercise. I explained what we were doing and what a suprise. There was a gentleman by the name of Alex Ellis-Roswell who is even more crazier than katie and me.

He is actually walking the whole coast of the uk. Raising money for the RNLI, a true gentleman. We were invited back to the lifeboat station for a chat and we paddled off with information on where to pitch the tent. We landed near the rugby pitches and struggled the boats to a nearby hotel where we were a lowed to keep the boats. Thanks Park hotel. We quickly changed and wandered into town. Wow what an amazing swing bridge. We walked to the station and were informed the everyone was in the yacht club house.

We met Alex and went to the club and we’re welcomed with a drink and fine company with a little local tide knowledge thrown in. Thanks.
We still hadn’t eaten so went off to find some food (pizza) before pitching the tent and falling asleep as quickly as possible as it was an early start.


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