Rising early and taking a little walk around i was a little intimidated by a slither of red sky. Ref sky in the morning and all that lark. The weather forecast was going to turn later in the afternoon, we should be out and away by then. While packing the boats we were offered fruit and a cup of tea from the hotel staff, that was a great way to start the day and a lovely random suprise. We were a little late due to the toggle handle cord snapping. Ouch and Aghhhh. Lucky I had some spare cord and did a quick repair. Not the best looking repair but a quick one. Launching and catching the current we were moved along and made good time to the point of no return. We managed to make up some of the time lost and had some of the fruit we were given from the hotel. As we looked towards our destination there was a tide ripping past quite a pant filler if it all went bottoms up, a small way through. Ninja warrior mode on and plenty of PLF (paddle like f#@k) making it through the tide race without a massive incident we paddled on. The wind wasn’t a problem and we paddled on following our bearing. It rained on and off, mostly on and the wind went from polite nothings to annoying front quater winds. We stopped for a spot of lunch and the sea became rough for a couple of waves, carrying on eating it didn’t become apparent until we went to move on, my new paddles had gone for a swim. Hmmmm not amused but it’s not the end of the world or circumnavigation and no crying over spilt milk etc. Hopefully I will be reunited one day. Maybe they are out there in the balloon catching zone, the life boat crew said about an area that just seems to catch helium balloons and they look like a body floating. Personally i think helium should be saved for MRI scanners as it’s a finite gas.
We carried on, I’m back on my spare paddles I had quickly become a fan of the carbon cranks. No tears I have to be a man about it.
Whithorn was there beckoning us. We presumed our bearing was correct, it was but we were paddling off slightly towards somewhere else. We had a chat and checked with navionics we were heading in the wrong direction but were in the right place. The tide was against us and we ferry glided towards the cliff we were pushed back quite a bit as we neared the cliff and snuck our way up the coast, two Seals were bobbing in the waves. I’ve always wondered how the sea must feel to a Seal. How close they get to the rocks it must be fun. Swimming round, hunting and performing underwater acrobatics.
The rocks here would not be friendly to a ship, sharp like tightly overgrown muscles, ready to crack and smash any hull unlucky enough to be caught by them.
We paddled into the lee of the harbour and could see the harbour wall, a few boats moored up and a fishing vessel with an engine running were there bobbing in the relatively calm water.
As we landed we were cold and wet but had made it to another country again. Feelings of accomplishment embrace the cold wet body and warm the soul. The then usual mad dash about to find a place to store the boats and a place to pitch the tent commenced. There was a nice area with boats pulled up. We placed the boats and went to the pub to find Wifi and a warm drink.
The hospitality was so different from the weather and we were warmly offered a place to sleep. Wow Scotland hospitality. The yaught club let us use their clubhouse to stay. Showers hob and heaters with a dry floor. What more could we need.


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