What a beautiful village. We have been made so welcome by the local pub landlord http://http://www.thesteampacketinn.biz/ and residents there are some lovely characters. The yacht club has been opened for us to use and we have been sleeping on the floor there is a big table to spread out the charts and a kitchen a sink and showers.


The weather has taken a turn and we have been stuck here for 4 days. Making the most of it we have been out to Newton Stewart for a shopping run and to Wigtown the book capital of Scotland. Having now got enough books to sustain a small fire or bum wipe for a month and some maps we are now ready for our next spell. The chart tube has been leeking so we have decided to send them all back and have now got the Imray chart delivered.
We have been lounging around stealing wifi and generally feeling bad about sitting in long after our drinks have been finished in the pub and village hall. The Wicker Man was filmed here, ok the burning of the wicker man was and it doesn’t have a feel if the film about the place. There is a relic of a chapel to St Ninan here and on a clear day one can see the five kingdoms, I will have to believe that as it’s been so bad we can’t see them. It’s really sunny and without going outside and feeling the ferocity of the wind one could be is taken for thinking we are being lazy and whenever I go to get some photos it never looks as bad as it is.


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