Port Logan.

Up early to catch the tide we left reluctantly. The Isle of Whithorn was a wonderful place to rest and there were some nice people who went out to their way to help us.
We left after high water and the tide pulled us along at a nice speed, a lone seal slept with its face fokingnout the water until it was disturbed, making a big splash.
Burrow head was easily passed with the calm waters. This was such a contrast compared to the last couple of days weather. There was some great rock formations and a lone deer stuck on the wrong side of a barbed wire fence and a Buzzard swooped, I wondered if it was a Sea Eagle for a second or two before I caught a flash of its underside.
We stayed in tight and paddled up for a while before we committed to the crossing over to the Mull Of Galloway. We paddled along past a small cave, there was some crosses on the cliff side.
We landed for a quick snack and a pee break then off, paddling towards a reference point. The Scares came and went, we stopped when the little passed the big, we knew we were half way across.
As we neared the Mull we were both relieved to see that the planning with the tide and the weather were with us. There was nothing to worry about. Phew.


We changed our course and paddled on past the lighthouse and fog horn. I had been here a long time ago and always wanted to come back and paddle. As we paddled past the lighthouse the usual low swoop of Guillemots accompanied by Razor Bills passed.
There was a moment I turned round to look and saw katie with a sheer cliffs and blue skies, this was stored in the memory photo album.
There is a little beach on the west side of the mull just past the lighthouse and we landed there. A lovely place with a massive rusting cylinder caught behind some rocks, what a storm that must of been. We sat on the grass and made a hot chocolate in celebration of our passing round the mull with no accidents. The mull has been on my mind since the start and to pass round it has been a massive relief.


I had a flash of inspiration or calorie desperation and decided to try hot chocolate and a dollop of peanut butter. Oh my. If you have never tried it and like them both do it. It won’t ruin the sanctum of either.
We pressed on. The sun was now burning our skin and sun lotion was applied, not before a bit of a singe.
The tide race around Cranmock Head was a bit of a pain and had us paddling hard.
There were several places where the Seals had pulled themselves out on rocks and we’re sunning themselves. I think I would too if it wasn’t for the need to get to a nice landing point.

We pulled into Port Logan at high water.  A good day all in all and had paddled 27.8nm.
We landed and walked to the pub, I say pub it was more of a builders site and closed. Darn. There went our pint and wifi luckly enough I spoke to a guy who was painting a boat and asked about a pub, we got chatting and I explained what we were doing. Believe it or not he and his wife invited us in to use their drying line and fed us with some fresh hand made bread and a luscious veg soup. Also we had the use of a caravan for the night and I came away with a small bottle of some of Scotlands finest. Scotlands hospitality is amazing.


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