Leaving Portpatrick with good time to use the tide our intention was to get to girvan We left in warm sunny blue skies. Lovely.


This really didn’t give any idea what the rest of the day would hold. We paddled out in a nice easy tail wind pushing us northwards.
Passing the now usual wildlife we headed on. Towards our first stop of the day.
We landed before Corsewall lighthouse near an old army instalation.


I took a little walk around as I’m quite facinated by them. These were a little bit of a let down with nothing much and the bunkers were now full of manure and pigeons, flying at me when I walked in. I don’t know who was more afraid them or me as I jumped out of my skin as they flew at my head.
The seals had been lolling about on the rocks opposite us while we dined.
Paddling out across the mouth of Loch Ryan missing one ferry the wind picked up something terrible and we were luck we didn’t head north east earlier as the distance would of been further and the fetch could of been a nightmare. We headed nearly directly East to the shortest path and would be able to use the tailwind more efficiently.
Lucky us.
We made it past the loch mouth and then two ferries decided to appear one in one out. That could of been a complete poopstorm. Stuck between tho ferries the wash would be horrible.
Racing along now we rafted up and turned on the gps to check our speed. 3kn that was amazing. So we started to paddle using the wind and waves and the gps went all up to 8.8kn that’s the fastest either of us had been for a while.
Ballantrae was now in our sites being blown along smiling and laughing while we caught waves. Speeding along using the Taran to its full effect. We landed and I found there was a harbour wall to land in so launched back and paddled to the slipway. We had spoken to a lady walking her dog and she offered us a shower. Wow. Scotland has stolen my heart. We at Ives in our bedraggled state and we’re actually offered a bed too. Thank you Shirley,


your kindness to let two rag tag kayakers in to your home stunned me. I thank you deeply.


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