What a good sleep. Nice deep peaceful, great way to recharge the batteries.
We walked down to the boats pulling them down to the slipway. The wind was kicking up a bit of a fuss and the waves were starting to make horses. We left the harbour wall and went out into some awful wind and chop.


Occasionally there would be a breaking wave leaving a trail of broken wave. Twisting and bucking through these waves we made it across the bay to Bannane Head it was a bit too rough to turn on the camera. This wasn’t going to be an easy start to the day, the waves were making us disappear from each other. Breaking and alerting the senses.  This would of been good fun in an empty boat with no mission on but we had full boats and intentions were to get to Girvan.
The cockpit was swamped several times on the headland when waves were in short sets making it quite a bumpy ride. Katie took a big wave and was nearly over soaking her totaly.
Towards Girvan there was a set of rocks with a sheltered landing. I landed for a quick pee and it was possibly the worst smelling place i have stopped. I’m guessing that it must of been a crap trap as the wind would of pushed it all there, lovely.
A quick launch back and across the bay to the harbour. We contemplated landing on the beach but the waves were too big for an easy landing.
The last piece of paddling was a slight nightmare the wind was pushing us towards the pier and the breaking waves did not look friendly, battling on we rounded the harbour wall only to be greeted with some horrible breakers and awful swell rocking us around and making me slightly tense.
Entering the harbours safe sanctum we were relieved to tie our boats up and visit the RNLI station. Our package was there. Yay.
We explained what we were up to and we’re invited in, given a shower cup of tea and informed we had a meal set up in


Wow how awesome was that. Then we were told we could have 2 meals the next day as the weather was atrocious.  Then also told we would be able to have a free breakfast. We are being spoilt. It’s amazing.


We pitched the tent fairly early on a fixed pontoon and slept with full bellies and many thankful thoughts for the generosity of people.


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