After a later than intended start, as someone didn’t come in to let us get our gear we also had a wee tour of the life boat, what amazing machines and how everything is packed in and how clean everything is I was really impressed. We packed up and was helped into the water by Keith.


Launching and leaving the harbour was a lot better than landing through the swell and breakers a couple of days before.
That was it, a bee line to Arran. Ailsa Craig was to our port side looking like a massive muffin. I’m sure it wouldn’t taste nice, especially as curling stones were quarried there and those things are heavy. I wonder what it would look like with snow on the top, like a massive icing covered muffin.

The paddle wasn’t that far 13 nm to the first turning point and this went of with the usual chatter and silly singing. Breaking when Ailsa Craig was past out port half for some Haribo rainbow spaghetti. What big kids we are.

There was a bit of an incident where one of the strings on my back strap snapped and I had to do a rocky landing on the Isle Pladda lighthouse and fix it while I was up to my waste in rocks and water. Lucky I had some string or I would of had a seriously bad back.
Onwards with new gusto. My strap was now fixed and my back was relieved to be snug.
We paddled on looking for the beach we had scouted on Google maps. How useful it has been for us. Many occasions it has been used to see about landings, ports, beaches and get out points. Great stuff. The wind had been hampering us slightly and we were a little behind but enjoying ourselves all the same.
A beach came into sight but we paddled on to another one with more sand. The kelp beds were out quite far and made landing a bit of an effort as we had to paddle out past so many low lying rocky outcrops. We landed on a beach with cows on. Lucky them a massive beach all to themselves. The cow isn’t something I have ever thought as having much inteligence but these actually remembered where they had gotten over the fence and had popped back into the field via the same place. Yay for bovine inteligence.


I was worried the inquisitive beasts would be back, Licking the tent and boats but they left us alone. Maybe they weren’t amooosed at us being there and left us be. The night was finished early and we went to sleep after eating and drinking (I’m still in love with hot chocolate and peanut butter).


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