Peninver 2 days

Better the devil you know. We stayed put at the campsite for an extra day as the weather hasn’t been good enough for the Mull Of Kintyre.
Day one we both went into Campbeltown on the bus, a kind lady in front of us paid for our ticket as she heard what we are up to. Such kindness.
Campbeltown RNLI were great giving us useful information and laminating some photocopies of the Mull and further north.
Not much else happened we shopped and used the library to update blogs.
Back to the caravan for pizza and fruit salad and an early night.

The next day I went into town on my own. There was an open day at the distillery. I couldn’t think of a better thing to do. I sampled some of the finest whisky and a big piece of home made cake. Back to the caravan for a big vegetable pasta and more fruit salad and gallons of hot chocolate. Fresh vegetables and fruit.


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