Leaving Peninver before high tide we paddled down towards Campbeltown. The Seals sploshed into the water as we left the sandy beach watching us from the safety of the water. The wind hampering us slightly as we passed the mouth and tucked under the lighthouse outside Campbeltown.
The hills and cliffs look bigger now and the coast has a more rugged appeal. Looking like it has endured serious hardship delivered by the sea.
As we rounded the south east headland there was a small colection of a caravan and a shed, small tractor and a delapidated blue landrover in a luscious green field. Something stirs in me. What a place to own or live. Surrounded by steep hills and the sea.
Onwards towards several beaches marked on the map. Much to our suprise there was so many caravans in such beautiful places. How lucky to go there for a holiday.
Sanda island was there and the tide was visibly moving between it and the mainland. Catching site of white horses ripping through.
I didn’t expect there to be so many static caravans and it was a slight eyesore but lucky people for having such a great place to stay.
Rounding the headland into Dunaverty bay we were welcomed with no surf and a delightful beach with an old launch station and a beautiful looking building and a small chapel. What a pleasure to see. We landed at the far end of the bay with intention to stay in at the campsite but there was a really nice piece of flat sand with grass on so we stayed there.
We walked to the pub to get the usual wifi fix and when we returned the boats had been disturbed. Noooo I thought, hope no one has stolen anything. Nope it was a marauding heard of cows and they had been slobbering and nosing over all of our kit. Phew.


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