After a bit of a bad sleep we ate our quick breakfast and paddled off into the wind. This has become the norm now and headwinds are great fun. NOT.
But today was one of the best days not because of distance as we are still paddling into the wind but the scenery here is amazing. small rocky islands to paddle between with amazing rock formations, small caves, wildlife and one of the best campsites so far.
We left Tayinloan and headed out into the wind. Looking out the views are amazing. Everything I have been expecting. The first part of the morning we paddled out past the entrance to West Loch Tarbert and found an amazing beach to stop and have a hot chocolate and cheese wraps.
Here there was some amazing rock formations and it would of been a whole day exploring. We wanted to get some miles in today so packed up and paddled on.
We rounded a headland and came across some fellow kayakers and I stopped to chat while katie paddled on.
This is the best views I have had in Scotland. Small slithers of islands poking out in the Sound Of Dura. Sharp topped with rocks and smoothed sea on the side. There has been loads of Seals on rocks. It’s always a shame to disturb them but we just want to paddle on.
We paddled past the mouth of a Loch and there was a castle in the background and I was reminded of the film Highlander.
Using the slithers of islands as windbreaks we carried on till we saw a beautiful calm inlet with a broken old farm dwelling we quickly pulled up the boats and carried our nights equipment to the old broken building and set up tent and lit a fire using old sundried ferns as a starter. What a beautiful day and night and we were soon heading for the tent.


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