After a swift morning departure we were looking forward to a tail wind. That never happened. The wind was again playing the beast and hampering progress with its inconsistencies creating beam swell and braking, the brakes chasing each other leaving broken water froth. To top it off I has stupidly forgotten to put my spray deck on correctly. The first thing I felt was the water sloshing about in the back of my knees, like an inquisitive dogs nose or the tail of a happy hound. I wasn’t too worried about the water for now as it didn’t give me any hassle. Although I was actually paddling with perhaps an extra 30 kilos in the boat. Believe it or not the weight didn’t create any problems with the boats handling only the sloshing of the water made the balance a little bit exciting.
As we neared Bellochantuy the swell and wind became a slight problem and it was decided it may be best to land and eat something warm and get a hot drink inside us. This was a good idea and as we turned to head into the village the swell and wind played havoc on my swamped boat making keeping in a straight line difficult with the water sloshing. Not amused but landed and realised how full the boat was, I was glad to land and get out of the cold water.
We went to the Argyll Hotel and we’re told no food till after an hour and a bit so hot chocolates were drunk and we had a chat to the batman about a campsite as we were both in need of a shower. He was very accommodating and let us use the shower in one of his rooms that hadn’t been cleaned yet. Wow our luck was in. A hot shower and when we finished a bowl of chops were waiting. Double win.
The next place of landing wasn’t set in stone as we had had a shower and some warm food. We launched into some slightly calmer water and made headway to Tayinloan. There was a ferry to Ghiga and we thought this may be a good place as it may have somewhere with the magical thing called wifi.
We landed and went to the cafe Where some amazing lentil soup was had and free wifi.
There is a waiting room at Tayinloan next to the public toilets. We thought that this would be a hood place to spend the night. We set up for the night and we’re off to sleep.
12.30 am and there was the sound of a clunky vehicle exhaust and the door opened. There was a delivery of milk. Whaaat!!! This made the rest of the night slightly on edge and we didn’t sleep too soundly.


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