Lismore lighthouse

What a day. First tail wind in a long time snd we used it to its full potential. Getting on the sheltered water of Crinan. We were met by Nick and we paddled off all of us were looking forward to a day with tail wind. Hoping to catch up some miles from the days off we have had to endure.
This was the start to a nice day, well ok not blue skies but a good day anyway. There was two ways to go today one along the sound of Shuna and the sound of Luing.
There wouldn’t be much difference and we decided to go for the one with the most to see. Although there was mist and rain it was still a great day.
There was some excitement with a tide race off Dorus Mor nothing serious and there was some nice smooth water as well as some slightly pushy water.
Then we paddled up past Shuna and landed on Torsa under the ruins of an old castle, not really a massive ruin just a couple of layers of laid stone on a rock.
There was a fish farm across the water with a diesel engine running ruining the ambience and beauty of this waterway. The steep sides and random houses are a sheer delight and always look special.
As we paddled on I could see a happier face in Katie as there was no headwind. The loch thinned into something like a river and We paddled under Clachan bridge and Kerrera was there. Some fetch was building up and we playfully paddled along catching the waves and enjoying the lovely tail wind. We had a quick couple of photos with Nick and parted company nick was going to the RNLI station at Oban. What a great guy and his local knowledge was bliss to my ears.
Katie and I landed in Oban on a small beach and went into town to raid the Lidl and gain some more wifi knowledge.
We suited back up and paddled on to the lighthouse in Lismore. There was a worrying moment with the ferries as we had to pass through the ferries path. This was a good day and I had enjoyed myself. We landed at the lighthouse on a slipway and the heavens opened and frantic times were had. Quickly looking around the lighthouse we found a suitable place to put up the tent.
A Lidl feast was had and much food was consumed and our new radio was listened to. Yay we now have music.
Later that night we had a bit of a rude awakening with a mad wind storm and a little rain.


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