And another headwind battle day. Oh as if we haven’t had enough. I quite like it as it’s a good workout and I feel it at the end of the day but it doesn’t make Katie happy. I can’t help myself laughing at her when she starts throwing a tantrum, hee hee.
So we saw Nick off in the morning and followed about 50 mins later. Deciding to tuck in to the coast as we went trying to hide from the wind. As we got to where we had stopped the day before we tucked behind some rocks and then broke out to cross a bay. The method we have started to adopt is to go across the wind diagonally instead of head on and then tuck in close to the shore. 
We passed a fish farm and there were people throwing food and jumping fish.
We had to cross over a floating line which was actually quite difficult and made a bit of a thud to the boat.
Landing near a jetty built for offloading logs and timber we had a small snack and a play with the radio. The next stint was a bit of an open crossing and we had some fun discussing the name and how it sounds. Dearg Sgeir as it’s spelt was a small rock of shelter from the wind and I landed and had a look around. Sometimes if you can it’s good to get a good view of the water. The wind had seriously picked up and we were having a bit of a fight. We waited a while and it actually calmed down a little and we made a bee line for a point diagonally against the wind and made it to shelter and another pit stop.
We were over half way for the days aim and there was still no give up from the wind.
Calve island was in sight and the edge of the water became steeper. The steepest so far and there were several raptors flying around giving us a display. I could hear a squeak something that felt familiar to me. I stopped and waited for Katie to catch up. The noise came from an Otter. It was great to see another pretty close and I managed to see it squeeze in between rocks and run off.
Calve Island gave us no shelter from the wind and the last mile was still into headwind. Katie was giving out child like winge noises and I couldn’t help but laugh.
We landed at Tobermory, a great looking place with lovely painted buildings. We put a wash on and had a great meal of boil in the bag and wraps with salad and cheese.


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