The shitest nights sleep so far. Some bastard was snoring all night. I swear I was so close to kicking the tent in. I’m not normally like that but something about someone snoring really annoyed me, the thought they are all snug and sleeping through their own noise infuriated me so much. It’s easyer to sleep through a massive windy storm in a paper thin tent than put up with that.
Anyway we left a little late and a bit grumpy but a quick sing song of “on the road again” by willie Nelson sorted that out and we paddled off round the headland leaving the memory of the snoring bastard like a soiled pair of pants in a truck stop dustbin.
Cartoons from childhood has been something we have been chatting about and occasionally sing an old classic, ok maybe a couple of lines but the memory of the song is great. We pulled in to Malaig and has a quick tea and chips and we were meant to eat icecream but the menu was minimal and the icecream meant for the dog was better then what was on offer for us humans.
Back on the water and off past the next headland to Airor a beautiful place with proper track roads. Everyone seems to have a landrover and generators. This is where I want to live or how I would like to live miles away from anyone.


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