Well it was a late start for us as we needed it to be slack for the Ardnamurchan point. This is the most western point of the British Isles so I was full of “ohh nooooooo” it’s going to be mental. But there was no problems although it could of been calmer. The high cliffs were a slightly overbearing and powerful statement to how hardy the people from yester year would of been. The views are spectacular. High mountains paint an amazing backdrop. There is still some snow on the mountains and the weather still has a bit of a cold feel. We are now paddling with Duncan and Nick this is funny. It’s great as we are the same age and have been singing theme tunes and reminiscing of cartoons from our childhood. I think katie hasn’t a clue what we are talking about but we sing the theme tunes like we still watch them.

Muck, Eigg and Rum are now in the foreground and if it was clearer I’m sure we would be able to see Skye. The day went without mishap and we mad a landing at the Glenuig Inn. Katies mum had phone forward and we were given free showers and kit drying. Yay.


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