Kilchoan 2 days.

While nursing a bad head and stomach I managed to get up early enough 6am and reproof my dry suit. Thanks again it’s been such a great dry suit.
Then through nursing a bad head and Stowe were given a bit of a tour by Bill (my neibour) and my dad Barrie. We visited the lighthouse and went to a whisky distillery (as though I didn’t have enough the night before).
The views here are amazing and the comunity spirit is something that is so strong here and reminds me how lost it is elsewhere. We were taken out for a meal and there were other kayakers and we introduced ourselves and what we were doing. We were invited to a meal the next night as there were other kayakers we would give a little talk about what we have been upto.
Well Barrie and bill were leaving early the next morning and we had an early blustery night.
We made a late ish start as it was wet and started to tuck in to the massive box of food. Trying to relieve the load as it would all have to fit into our boats. We had ate and drunk and decided to go into the village for a little look around and have tea and Internet.
As we were walking into the Kilchoan two guys were walking our way and I was wearing a kayak cag. The guys introduced themselves with the words “are you the guys paddling round England?” Hahaha. We had met Nick and Duncan
  What a way. We started chatting and all decided to go down to the local community hall.
  We had all met the same people and we were all going to meet up for the meal and possibly paddle together. Such a small world indeed.
So we had tea and separated our ways and would meet up later. On the way back we popped into the craft shop run by Jackie and john and met more hospitality. Wow. We were given tea and even offered a bed that night and a lift up to the house where we had been invited. Wow I’m overwhelmed and speachless by hospitality. Thanks all.
The meal was great and even smaller word met someone who we shared a mutual friend.
So thanks for everything we were given a lift in the morning by Jackie and she saw us off with the other two guys.


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