This was a really short day from Tobermory to Glenuig. As my father and neibour were on their way with provisions. So it was a quick check left and right as we paddled across from Ardmore point and landed at the campsite base. We emptied the boats and carried them up to the grass and we’re greeted by the owner of Ardnamurchan campsite Trevor Potts.
We were shown around and I was amazed to see a huge skeleton of a beaked whale hung on the wall. Wow that was amazing, we were shown into a communal room where there were various adds and ends in a curiosity cupboard. On the wall was an old photo of a guy in a kayak. I asked about this and was amazed to hear about Trevor and his kayaking exploits on the bearing straits and Baffin island. Wow. Small world. It was nice to hear about his stories and brings the feeling of a small world to light.
Then Barrie and Bill turned up. What a big box of food they had brought and they quickly put up tent and we chatted and drank. Woopse I finished off a half bottle of whisky and went to sleep. The weather was going to be bad now for 2 days so we had some time to kill. I wouldn’t drink that much normal.


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