Yay what an amazing day. We are still paddling with the guys and have been stealing beautiful miles with the weather and gorgeous backdrops with ever the changing scenery. My previous top places to paddle have been wiped off the board with the last few days.
I woke to find Duncan dressed like a ninja with a head net and gloves as protection from the midges. The air was thick with them surrounding our faces.  I applied midge cream and waited for Katie to rise. Hahahaha. There was much annoyance and Katie somehow aquired Duncans net. A quick hot chocolate and we paddled off into really calm water with a small tail wind.
The scenery here ok I’m not going to go on and on about how great it truly is but it should be experienced by most sea kayakers. The sound of Sleat is one of the most enjoyable places. (Sorry for going on again).
There was a short open crossing along loch Hourn, just wow. Then off to Sandaig islands and into Glenelg for some chips and a pub stop. The pub was warm and inviting and leaves me imagining how it would feel 200 years ago. Brimming with activity and drunken singing and pipe smoke. We waited for the tide to turn and went off to get through Kyle Rhea. Yay some moving water and a little chop. The conveyor pushed us along leaving Nick and Duncan as those a different line and the Taran is moved quickly along. We met again to a curious site of a bunch of Seals performing, this was something I’ve never experienced and the seals were actually moving along leaping out the water. Looked like fun.
We were close enough to touch Skye and I put my hand on the rock. So I’ve actually managed to touch the Skye, like I was asked to do as a child whilst having my jumper removed it’s only been nearly 40 years.
The Skye bridge was now in view and we crossed back over, going under the lower bridge we were overwhelmed by more seals as we turned in between the small islands and rocks.
We paddled across the entrance to Loch Carron and the tide didn’t help too much. We were using the carrot and donkey method to Katie who was feeling a little ill and tired, jelly babies. The water was so kind to us and the only thing was the rain but rather the rain than the wind and waves. Applecross was around a corner and Duncan and Nick had gone on ahead to meet Duncans girlfriend and saw an Australian Cattle dog and I had a chat to the owners.
I was left with an erected tent at the campsite and went to sleep after agreeing to meet at 7.


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